First post

Hi ya!

It took sometime to make this blog I think... Nevermind. Let's take it from the start:

You are reading the blog of the instrumental rock band Afformance. We are stated in Athens, Greece, Europe, Earth and have been around from like 2004. Five people are expressing emotions, pulling strings, smashing drum heads and -eventually- making some noise through this band.

We have released the demo CDr "A Tide Before The Flickering Sun" a few years ago that sold-out pretty fast actually. After this we took part in a couple of compilation discs from Spinalonga Records and Somehow Ecstatic, along with bands like God Is An Astronaut, Nara, Long Distance Calling, Absent Without Leave, Modrec, 2L8, Misuse, Down n Out, Nightstalker, Hues And Separation and many others.

Also, we have a full-length release coming up in a few days, it's mostly like a collection of past recordings, remixed and remastered. The name of this one will be "A Glimpse To The Days That Pass" and Catch The Soap / CTS Productions is putting this out. It comes in a beautiful hand-crafted folder, each one will be different from each other in a way. We are in the middle of the process of making these (they are crafted by us and very close friends-thanks guys, we love you) so, expect updates and pictures soon. Detailed info will follow as well.

We are really looking forward for our first Euro/Balkan tour, this January! From 17th to 30th, we'll visit and share stages with great bands from Germany, Poland, Czech Rep, Hungary, Serbia, FYROM (or Macedonia if you wish). You can find the venues and cities at our myspace profile. We still could use some help with a few dates, so in case you can help feel free to contact :)

There are thoughts of having a live release party here in Athens before we leave for Europe, but I don't know if it will work out yet. We'll keep you posted.

A tour with our dear friends Nechayevschina will follow in April around Greece and Balkans as well, but it's pretty early to talk about this I guess... But you definitely have to check them out if you are into this drone-like kraut rock. One of my fav bands at the time.

In the meanwhile:
you can send your love/hate-mails at afformance@gmail.com
listen to stuff and peek us at myspace
be-friend us at facebook
and follow us at twitter

There are not pretty much active actually, but they will pretty soon. Things are rolling. YEAH!


Oh, and thanks for reading :)


annie_stru said...

Great blog Johnny!!
You know I'm a fan of you work.
It's on my bookmarks.. ;-)
Keep up the good work!

Igor Stojanovski said...

Yeah, we prefer Republic of Macedonia... If we're gonna be your hosts you can at least respect us for who we are. Ok? :)

All the best

Afformance said...

Hi Igor,
I don't think there is something that shows disrespect to Macedonian people in my post, and in case you read something that seems like this I'm very sorry. We are really thrilled to play and hang out in Skopje in a few days from now! Hope to see you at our show and have a beer together. Cheers ;)

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